Interesting Studies by the Princeton University on the climate change-migration-security nexus in the upcoming years (, 04-08-2013).


Climate-induced migration in Bangladesh is threatening the country's MDGs (, 22-07-2013). is reporting about a very impressing video, where a man is showing the development of global warming by playing a cello. Article and video can be found here. (07-06-2013)


Due to climate change, there will be more severe droughts in the future. How this even threatens the fish industry in New Zealand, you can read on (07-07-2013).


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XIV. Humanitarian Congress Berlin – Theory and Practice of Humanitarian Action (12th & 13th October 2012)

This year’s Humanitarian Congress was held at the new venue in the Virchow clinic in Berlin. Various types of people and NGOs were gathered such as Salmone Atim (Gender Officer Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS)) (used to work for the Refugee Law Project),... (more)


© Maria Wahle
© Maria Wahle




Akteure und Strukturen der Klimaanspassung: Perspektiven auf Komplexität, Heterogenität und Skalenvielfalt

Workshop des Netzwerks Sozialwissenschaftliche Klimaanspassungsforschung

22-23 Nov 2012 in Kassel (Germany)

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"Environmental Degradation, Conflict and Forced Migration"

Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Bielefeld (Germany)

09 - 13 Dec 2012



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